Conventional AI isn't Powerful Enough for the Unconventional

The rise in unconventional resource development has led to rapid growth in data collection. Despite these large datasets, the optimal choice for well spacing, well completion and fracturing design are not always clear. The application of conventional machine learning and AI to the problem often leads to models that lack explainability. Cognitive AI is capable of integrating different kinds of data and human expertise to generate explainable decisions.

How can AI impact unconventionals? Innovation and knowledge increase efficiency in developing unconventional resources: 

  • Spatial and temporal optimization is key for developing unconventional reservoirs and achieving economic production from these reservoirs 
  • Massive amounts of data are generated from production operations
  • Data has to be analyzed and shared between several disciplines including drilling, production, and reservoir engineering 
  • Operators can use data to optimize subsequent drilling and fracturing operations in similar basins
  • Predictive tools can improve field performance and lower costs when sued to understand important factors in the exploration and development of unconventional resources 

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